2012: Preparatory course, AKI ArtEZ, Enschede
2012-2014: BSc Creative Technology, University of Twente, Enschede, NL
2013-2017: BFA Fine Arts Painting & Media, AKI ArtEZ, Enschede, NL
2017-2018: Bcademie, Rotterdam, NL

Work experience

2017: Tutor, AKI ArtEZ, Enschede, NL
2017: Member board of direction, Galerie Urinoir, Lonneker, NL


2015: Grand tour through the United States of America
2014: Intern, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, BE

Exhibitions, Projects & Public

2017 - 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica, CA, USA, The First Show, All is well #1
2017 - Villa de Bank, Enschede, NL, We've done 30, we do 31, Dog fur
2017 - Perron 1, Delden, NL, Dinner
2017 - Concordia, Enschede, NL, Serveertip, The Relationship Between Neighbourly Love and Mathematics
2017 - AKI ArtEZ, Enschede, NL, Finals exhibition, Proverbs 2:13
2017 - Platform Open Call, Utrecht, NL, ART+POWWOW, Golf is a virtue
2017 - Tetem, Enschede, NL, AKI Electrique, Golf is a virtue
2017 - Kunstpodium T, Tilburg, NL, Master Apprentice: Non-Linear War, The Dark Web
2016 - Tetem, Enschede, NL, AKI Electrique, DOT2K
2015 - Untitled Pop-up Project Space, London, UK, Is it war already?, Putin goes to see the Black Square
2015 - Twente Biƫnnale, Enschede, NL, 21st Century Tearoom
2015 - Art Brut Biƫnnale, Hengelo, NL, Chernobyl Raindance
2014 - Gogbot Festival, Enschede, NL, Seeker
2013 - Gogbot Festival, Enschede, NL, Cockbots


2017 - Front page and spread, Samen studeren aan AKI in Enschede leverde Ole (29) en Melle (25) uitmuntende studieresultaten op, Enschede: Tubantia
2017 - AKI ArtEZ finals catalogue, Provocation, Enschede: AKI ArtEZ
2016 - Home page of (2016), Amsterdam: Glamcult
2015 - Artist highlight in exhibition catalogue, Is it war already?, London: Untitled Pop-up
2015 - Interview, Essay, Hull: Browse Magazine